Model no - S32

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Model no - S32

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The BORA systems represent the latest Zavoli’s very own solution for petrol, sequential multipoint injection vehicles. BORA LPG and CNG systems and kits are the most technologically advanced conversion equipment, a natural evolution of the ALISEI range, which has undoubtedly well served and still serve Zavoli customers worldwide. To satisfy the demands of the most modern vehicle and to offer to the installers the easiest and more user-friendly experience, Zavoli has introduced its very own BORA technology, entirely developed in Zavoli’s laboratories, and featuring revolutionary characteristics.

Thanks to very powerful microprocessors the BORA technology allows quicker calculations and adjustments. The calibration process is now an effortless operation thanks to the extremely precise auto-calibration at idle speed, and an on-the-road refining procedure wholly automated and computer-controlled. For the more meticulous installer, the manual calibration is still available, but no finishing touches are required to tune a carburetion map now correctly.

BORA CNG and LPG kits also feature the new Zavoli JET injectors. The BORA technology maximizes the new injectors potentials, offering the fastest and most precise injection times, and capable of satisfying the requests of the most demanding engines. Like its predecessor ALISEI, the BORA system includes troubleshooting features, which have been improved along with all other GAS and PETROL strategies and options included in the software. The systems have been designed in full compliance with the most recent European technical standards and are R110, R67, and R115 certified.

Pack Content:

1 x LPG Solenoid valves

1 x Standard Bag of Fittings

2 x JET Injectors

1 x Bora S32 Ecu (2/3/4 cylinder)

1 x One-Touch Bora Changeover Switch

1 x PTS Sensor - Bassa Pressione

1 x Brackets Kit

1 x ZETA Reducers

1 x Gas Pipe d. 12x19 (1,0 mt)

1 x Gas Pipe d. 5x11 (1,00 mt)

1 x Gas Pipe d. 5x11 (3,0 mt)

1 x Water Pipe d.15x23 (1,8 mt)

1 x Thermoplastic Pipes PVC Kit

1 x Assembly kit for rail injectors

1 x Sensor Bag

1 x Standard Bag of Fittings